There was a hashtag on Twitter trending worldwide the other day, called #wordsnotusedoftenenough …which I really enjoyed scrolling through. It’s funny, because as I was seeing an overwhelming response to several particular phrases, I was reminded of 2 phrases we were taught growing up…and 1 that we probably weren’t taught enough. 

The “magic” words we were taught:

1. “Please”

2. “Thank You”


And the “magic” words we may never have seen demonstrated:

1. “I was wrong”



Quick question for today: what would your world look like if we were just a little more thankful / appreciative / pleasant / humble / self-aware? The “thank you” that you were expecting may not evoke much emotion…but the “thank you” you were expecting that was never received most likely will. And the unexpected “thank you” always evokes a response in us. How about the unexpected “I’m sorry?” I think it’s just an overflow of the love that grows inside us for one another. 


Maybe we throw out our intentions, and send that thank you note/text we thought about last week…or maybe it’s time for us to admit we were wrong…



You know this is important, just like I do. But if you’re like me, there’s always a gap between our knowledge and our actions. Maybe we just take a couple of those this week, and act on them? I think that would be pretty great.



I thank you (sincerely) for reading, I hope this blesses you.





Your Platform…Ok, Let’s Start

One of the most frightening barriers of entry in today’s digital age is just recognizing that you have to put yourself out there.  You are a brand, whether you like it or not.  You don’t have to be an entrepreneur / marketer / etc. to be thinking along these lines, as we all have a reputation to navigate, whether we’re selling something or not.

I think there a 3 things each of us should be consciously aware of moving forward…

1. Streamline Your Content

-You might be writing a blog, or maybe it’s just the occasional Facebook post or tweet.  Either way, what you say needs to add value in one way or another.  Maybe it’s humor…maybe it’s inspiration…maybe it’s advice…maybe it’s a design idea.  But whatever you do, have a purpose behind what you say online.  No one has time any more for unnecessary noise.

2. Engage With Others in Your Target Area

-Who is the leading voice in your field?  What content producers in your area can you support and add value to?  Comment on other’s spaces, and reciprocation will ultimately follow.

3. Tell Your Story

– This will always be my favorite…so don’t be discouraged if your platform area seems crowded.  No one can tell your story from your point of view.  Develop your voice / bring value to the space / and others will follow you.

Becoming the best leader involves understanding not only the importance of your own personal brand, but developing these skills in your team.  Don’t be afraid to encourage others to manage their reputation and platform.  It only makes your team stronger.


Your Platform…Ok, Let’s Start

It’s Time For Some Deadlines

I tend to work best with a deadline…

If you’re anything like me, deadlines force me to make the decision to act….and the biggest difference between the players and the sideline-watchers is constantly acting / doing.

So I’m working on giving myself perusal deadlines every day.  Not a goal, because a goal sounds like I could possibly get out of it.  No…it needs to be a deadline, something that I have no choice but to complete.

I’m a procrastinator at heart, and life has become far too comfortable.  So deadlines push me to remain uncomfortable…and the uneasiness drives success.

So, I’m typing this with 8% battery left on my computer, and the charger is in the next room.  It’s my deadline for right now.  If you’re not pushing yourself…who will?

Let’s go get the week…and if you need someone to nudge you, I’m down for that.

What deadlines are you setting?


It’s Time For Some Deadlines

Change The Way You Tweet

I’ve loved Twitter for a long time.  Many years ago, when my grandma joined Facebook, I knew I needed to look for a younger, more relevant social media outlet.

But I’m really concerned about Twitter, because I think if we don’t change the way we interact with people, it’s going to be dead in less than 2 years!

I’m learning that most organizations, and a lot of leaders are extremely egocentric when it comes to Twitter…pushing content and rarely interacting with anyone.  I’ve been guilty of it, but I’m planning on changing the way I use this platform.

It’s probably true that content is king, but people are completely drowning in the pool of excessive content.  So you need to either write very good, quality content..or just quit pushing it.  (As I write this, I’m kinda laughing at myself…hoping this post doesn’t become too ironic.)

I’ve said it plenty of times before, but you’re a brand.  And people want to believe that they’re a part of something or someone’s journey, and to do that we have to change the way we push content.  For every push, we need to be pulling the conversation further.  I think Instagram and Facebook actually do a much better job at interaction than Twitter.

So…this goes for businesses / churches / leaders / entrepreneurs / bloggers, etc…give some serious thought to changing the way you interact…and let’s put some of the “social” back in social media.


Change The Way You Tweet

The Apple Watch & Leadership

Everyone else is writing about the Apple Watch, so I thought I would jump in the waters…

The 1st generation iPhone was launched on June 29, 2007.  At the time, my Motorola Razr was awesome, and I had no intentions of switching over to this new phenomenon.  It seemed like a fad, and I wasn’t ready to take the leap.

Fast-forward 8 years…and a new piece of hardware is on the block, the smart watch.  Is Apple the 1st to the party?  No, but they weren’t with the iPhone either.  But they will be the ones to dictate the cultural viability of the Apple Watch.  That’s because we trust Apple.

It’s what’s made it the most valuable brand in the history of the world.  We know that they will make features that will enhance our lives, and that each year a better and more efficient model will emerge.  Sure, there will be haters…but I believe the Apple Watch will be another success for Apple.  If you don’t want one now, give it a year or so…

As a leadership takeaway, we shouldn’t be focusing on forcing a product or service down someone’s throat, but finding a way to connect a desire with an unquestioned pursuit of excellence.  Apple does that about as good as anyone.  We don’t need an Apple Watch…but we understand the possibilities and enhancements it may unlock, and we know the brand will deliver on quality.  And that’s why many of us will eventually buy one.

When a legacy of memorable and exceptional experiences is delivered…your organization becomes legendary.

Be a part of a story like that, wherever your passion takes you.


The Apple Watch & Leadership

Never Lose Your Wonder

I’ve been out of the game for a little while…missed you guys.

Do you find yourself in a rut more often than you find yourself in a good, steady flow?  That’s been the case for me lately, but I’m working on something that I think is going to help both of us…and that is focusing on what constitutes our personal wonder.

Wonder is defined as, “a feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.”

I believe that everyone has at least 2-3 aspects of what makes up his / her wonder.  It’s that something that you could spend hours and hours on and never get tired of doing…it’s part of the joy of waking up in the morning…it’s the silver lining in the clouds…

And I can’t always explain wonder…but I know it’s there; sometimes underneath the struggles and the challenges we face every day.  Wonder gives us life / encouragement / purpose / destiny.  I could even write a small blip on trying to find your wonder, but I really think if we’re honest with ourselves and dig deep…we all know what that something is.

This sounds vague, I know…but please don’t lose your wonder.  God designed you in a very specific way, and your calling is tied to what makes you unique and wonderful.

I’m in wonder and awe of the work Christ is doing in each of us…and I never want to lose that!

Have a wonderful week!


Never Lose Your Wonder

Monday Myth: We’re Supposed To Have All The Answers

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, and recently a lot have cropped up as “answers with (fill in the blank)…”

While I think some of these formats are helpful as FAQs for listeners, I worry as Christian leaders and business leaders that we should be careful to ever portray having more knowledge than we possess.  Don’t get me wrong, I thirst for knowledge and wisdom, and I’m looking for more and more of it every day.  But the more I think I learn, the more I understand how little I understand.  I think there can be a healthy balance between the two.

I’m reading Sir David Frost’s collections of interviews with Billy Graham, and the most endearing part of Rev. Graham’s personality is his willingness to admit when he doesn’t know something.  Here is one of the greatest followers of Jesus for the last century, and in his honesty about his lack of knowledge shows true wisdom.

God didn’t design us to know all of the splendors of this world…but we sure like to argue the details like we do.  The end of ourselves is the beginning of Him, and our faith grows as we begin to understand that we can’t put God in a box and explain everything with our finite minds.

I heard our pastor say something along these lines….when he preached with the intent of polish and poise, the church didn’t grow.  But when he preached from a place of vulnerability and honesty, we began to see the flood gates open.  People want to follow someone with conviction and integrity, and that comes with admitting sometimes that we’re human and incomplete.  I hope that’s encouraging to you…

Beware of those who say or act like they have all the answers.  I promise, it’s a myth…


Monday Myth: We’re Supposed To Have All The Answers